Saturday, August 2, 2008

2008-July: Fasy & Jennifer's Wedding

Rob's elder brother Fasy was married to his true love Jennifer in a lovely outdoor ceremony in Erie, PA July 18, 2008. All the cute kids were in attendance, and too many photos were taken to post here, so take a look at the picaso slideshow.
Fasy & Jennifer

We took advantage of a few days off from work to relax and enjoy a brief summer vacation in Erie. Besides the wedding, the highlights were the fantastic and romantic bed and breakfast where we stayed and Bess' tour de Presque Isle via a water taxi and a big yellow bike. Rob enjoyed a day at the waterpark with his nieces and many hands of hearts with Ben and the family.

2008 Visitors- S.Hock, PhD

We love houseguests! Especially when said guest's idea of a good time is playing non-stop games all day and night. :} Rob's hometown friend and grad school roommate Steve joined us for a 36 hour stop on his Summer Tour of the Southeast. Friday night, after dinner at The Loveless Cafe, we warmed up with a few rounds of Flux and then Steve and Rob indulged in a game of Knightmare Chess.

Saturday, after breakfast of Bess' crepes with a side of philosophy and literature, we played Settlers of Catan non-stop.
Rob dominated the game until Steve and Bess decided to rearrange the tiles to make as equitable a board as possible, so our skill at world domination could outshine mere chance of rolling #3 fifty times in a row. As you can see from these three photos of us gloating over our wins, "the longest road" was certainly a much sought-after bonus card!

The end score was Rob: 3 Steve: 2 Bess: 2.

Below are two configurations of our attempts to create a "fair and equitable" Ile de Catan on which to settle.