Sunday, December 30, 2007


Rob turned thirty-something in May. We celebrated with lunch out at O'Charlies and then a home-made Boston Cream Cake (his favorite).

Bess turned thirty-something in November. We celebrated with lunch out at our favorite local Thai restaurant, a hike in the Warner Park woods, and a fancy tea party for two at home with a Green Tea Cake from Alpha Bakery.

2007 Visitors - Heather, Jason, & Alice

In April, 2007 we were delighted to host our friends from Philly as they were traveling in the South. Here they are watching a martial arts demonstration in Dragon Park.

Singing praise songs on the back porch.

What a look of love Allie has for her daddy.

Heather & Alice enjoyed our backyard garden.

Playing games late into the night... H&J introduced us to the card game "Set".
(Alice and Robert were more entertained by the cups and dice.)

2007 Visitors - Hope

Nothing is better to celebrate a new home than houseguests! Hope was our first & second houseguest, though we always seem to have too much fun to stop and take pictures while she is here.

My fond memories of her visit in 2007 were playing "eco-flux", hiking in the Warner Park woods, and enjoying Irish breakfast tea out of "fancy tea cups". Not to be sexist, but tea parties really are better with girlfriends!

At our 2006 potluck wedding reception with some of the GCF group (Hope is at the top).

Hope with her namesake "Alice Hope" in 08/2006. Hope will be the first to tell you she prefers dogs & cats to babies. :}

Making a House our Home

Anyone who knows Rob will understand that our house was a beautiful blank canvas when we (finally) moved in together January 2007. Not much furniture to get in the way! After 15 years of sleeping on the floor I am happy to say he now prefers sleeping in our big organic bed and doesn't mind sitting down at the table to eat (sometimes). I have "craigslist" to thank for most of the furnishings, but Pam & Gram to thank for all my pretty dishes. And of course, no home is complete without a little garden to dig in (says the girl who used to eat mud pies). It's nice to feel settled!

2007 Travels - Double Birthday in MA

A quick trip to Worcester to see Mom & Gram for their birthday in April.

Gram shares her cake as well as the day of her birth with her daughter.

Mom enjoying her newly-remodeled kitchen with her birthday icecream.

Austin & Auntie Bess say "cheese".

Gram and her ladies: Barbara, Marian, Judy, and Barbara.

2007 Travels - Atlanta, GA

Robert and I both had conferences in Atlanta in March, so we packed up the cat and took a road trip to the Southeast. I was encouraged by the CIMS crowd while Rob learned more about statistics at ENAR. On our day off we had a delicious lunch at the Watershed restaurant (recommended by Christine & Kevin as a must for Indigo Girls fans) and explored the Botanical Gardens and Centennial Olympic Park.

Debra-Bess-Rae @ CIMS

Life imitating art....

Orchids, LOTS and LOTS of orchids....

Another plant that I first discovered while seeking refuge in the warm, moist greenhouse at Conn when there was snow on the ground outside. I just adore the juxtaposition of soft green leaves on the strong black stem. Beautiful. Does anyone know the name of this plant? I always forget to write it down when I'm busy soaking in the beauty of a greenhouse.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas 2006 Part Two

Visiting with Beth & Addie (one year old!)
at Sarah & Jesse's holiday party.

Bess & Rob - First Christmas as married folks.

Robert, dad (Bob), Bess
Nike, and Aunt Gail.

Another Christmas tradition: playing Hearts.
Rob, Ben, and Fasy.

Aunt Annie & Bess

Christmas 2006

As 2007 comes to a close I am determined to do SOMETHING with all those digital photos and have another go at blogging. Here is a look at Christmas 2006 and the family & friends we visited.

We played "Settlers of Catan" with Heather & Jason (Bess won with "the longest road"), cuddled with baby Allie, and visited with Bess' former roomate Judy & her husband Jack.

Rachel & Brandon welcomed us to their beautiful new home.

We had a Connecticut College Reunion with Rachel, Lynn, Denise, and honorary "Conn Girl" Michelle.

Keeping with our tradition, Austin & Auntie Bess went for a hike by the reservoir.... Since it was a muddy, rainy day Uncle Robert suggested we stick to the paved paths of the Wachusett Dam.